HONORing luna's MEMORY by helping tens of thousands of abandoned dogs in puerto rico

It was love at first sight. Fourteen years ago, while on the beach in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, there was Luna, a very special soul in the midst of hundreds of “discarded” dogs. I brought her home to NYC and Luna became an instant member of our family. After a long life providing immeasurable love, joy and happiness, Luna went peacefully on Aug 25, 2018.

After Hurricane Maria, the Puerto Rican stray dog population has increased to unprecedented levels. The Sato Project rescues and rehabilitates dogs, and places them with families on the U.S. mainland. They also address the underlying issues through community outreach and spay/neuter and vaccination programs.

To honor Luna’s memory and to assist the tens of thousands of abandoned dogs in Puerto Rico, we have established the Luna Fund. Our goal is to raise $100,000 to support the efforts of The Sato Project. To help achieve this goal, we are matching all donations up to $50,000 received from our family, friends, colleagues and anyone that generously contributes to this significant effort. 

- Adam, Tom, Wallace, and Peggy

The Luna Fund
$22,763 $50,000
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Fourteen years ago I met an incredible little dog in Puerto Rico. I took her home with me, and while many people said I saved her, she was always there for me. Through good times and bad, Luna was there – with a smile on her face, wagging her tail and licking my face. When Tom joined the family, she was there for him, as she was when Wallace and Peggy came along too. I tell people the start of my company was Luna’s idea. In fact it was – and the growth of it too. It was those long walks in Central Park and on the East Hampton Beaches with Luna that inspired me. She was there for me. There have been many moves and renovations, but Luna just found her place, and with her we were always home.

August 25 was one of the saddest days of my life, and Luna was there for me. Before leaving this world, she gave me several kisses, wagged her tail and smiled to let me know it was ok. I am so fortunate that I could have been there for her, as she took her last breath and went peacefully. Thank you for 14 amazing years, Luna – you are in my heart and I will always love you.   

- Adam

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The Sato Project's rescue work in action: 

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