The Sato Project is working to make permanent change for animal welfare in Puerto Rico. We recognize that rescuing dogs is only one piece of the solution to the crisis of an estimated 500,000 stray dogs on the island. In order to work towards a future where every dog is owned and humanely cared for, we need to tackle the problem of overpopulation.

In March of 2016, we were very excited to launch our Spay, Neuter, Vaccine and Microchip Program to expand our work within the Yabucoa community.  Since then, The Sato Project has been offering a low-cost community spay/neuter, vaccination, and microchipping voucher program, run through our partner clinic in Humacao. We are targeting low income and disenfranchised neighborhoods throughout Yabucoa and have been providing 30 vouchers per month. Preventing unwanted pregnancy is a critical component of this effort, but we are also working to prevent the spread of disease to both humans and animals, which is why each dog participating in the voucher program is given a rabies and DA2LPPV vaccine.

Prior to Hurricane Maria in September of 2017, we were starting to see a reduction in the number of unwanted litters of puppies being abandoned. Unfortunately, in the wake of the storm's devastation, the untold numbers of animals which were displaced or abandoned in the storm's aftermath, and the fact that no veterinary clinics were operational for several months at least, means that in the spring of 2018 we started to witness an overwhelming number of litters being abandoned - in boxes, in bags, left at the beach or by the side of the road, to die. While we have been rescuing as many as we can, we knew this moment called for a program on a much grander scale than our monthly voucher program. The Spayathon for Puerto Rico which launched in June of 2018 is the answer to that prayer. Please read more about the first round of this incredible effort here. 

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of any portion of our spay/neuter/vaccine and microchip efforts, please email