Host a Fundraiser for The Sato Project

Are you passionate about helping the stray dogs in Puerto Rico and eager to do more than just make a donation?

By encouraging your friends, family, and community to join you in your support of The Sato Project, you can give your passion for our cause an even greater impact. There are so many creative ways to support The Sato Project’s rescue and community outreach efforts, and we want to give you everything you need to have a successful fundraiser!

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A volunteer fundraiser is any fundraising activity organized by a non-affiliated group or individual where The Sato Project has no financial responsibility and little or no staff involvement. This can be anything from a bake sale to a 5k walk in the community, but you are the person planning and hosting the fundraiser, and covering any related expenses.

We ask all volunteers who want to hold a volunteer fundraiser benefiting The Sato Project to register online. After your fundraiser is approved, you’ll have access to our Fundraising Toolkit, containing our logo, social media images, and information on The Sato Project’s work that can help make your efforts successful!

When you become a Sato Project Volunteer Fundraiser, you become an ambassador and representative for the organization. This set of guidelines will answer some frequently asked questions regarding donations, use of our logo and name, and a few other details to ensure a positive experience for you and those whom you ask for donations on our behalf, and to ensure compliance with IRS guidelines regarding charitable gifts. Thank you in advance for adhering to these guidelines as you spread the word and raise support for our work rescuing dogs in Puerto Rico.

If you are a business owner who would like to donate to The Sato Project, please email Jennifer Shepherd at


  1. Nicole Fox, our Development Associate, is here to help! Please feel free to contact her at with any questions.

  2. The first step is to tell us about your fundraiser! We’re excited to hear your ideas. When you register online with the Fundraiser Registration Form or the Event Registration Form, we’ll give you access to our Fundraising Toolkit, containing official logos, photos, and information about The Sato Project’s work to help promote your fundraiser! If you are creating any new promotional materials, we request the opportunity to review and approve them ahead of time.

  3. When referring to The Sato Project in any promotions, please use the organization’s official title, The Sato Project (not SATO or The SATO Project). “Sato” is a Puerto Rican term referring to mixed-breed dogs. It is not an acronym and should not be capitalized.

  4. While we would love to attend all events benefiting The Sato Project, in most cases, due to budget and resource constraints, we are unable to provide staff or volunteers for your function. If you feel that staff or volunteer presence is essential to your event, please let us know, and we will consider whether it might be a possibility.

  5. The Sato Project is unable to loan out any dogs for your event.

  6. The Sato Project is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization. However, The Sato Project cannot provide copies of our tax-exempt certificate for an event that we are not hosting ourselves.

  7. The Sato Project legally cannot issue an acknowledgment letter for any sponsors you may find for your event (such as donors of auction items, food, or other services). Please be clear about this to avoid any misunderstanding with your sponsors, who may wish to claim the value of their donation as a tax deduction.

  8. If partial proceeds of your fundraiser will be donated to The Sato Project, please tell us what percentage will be contributed. You must advertise the fact that partial proceeds will benefit The Sato Project on all of your promotional materials.

  9. While we are able to provide guidance for your fundraiser, we are not able to manage the organizational and administrative tasks associated with volunteer events. You are responsible for all aspects of organizing your fundraiser, including:

    1. Underwriting any necessary costs

    2. Securing any necessary permits or certificates of insurance

    3. Recruiting volunteers

    4. Writing all letters, including sponsor requests and thank you letters, to potential donors patrons, etc.

    5. Promoting the fundraiser

    6. Staffing the fundraiser



Here are some of the many ways that you can help the dogs of Puerto Rico. Or tell us about your own idea for a fundraiser! We thank you in advance for your support.

  • Host a special event: Host a happy hour, a dog or car wash, a basket raffle, etc.

  • Start a Facebook fundraiser: Invite your friends on social media to join the cause! See our list of tips for creating a successful Facebook fundraiser.

  • Host a sporting activity: Host a golf tournament, community walk or basketball game and donate the entry fees.

  • Hold a dress down day: Ask your employer to hold a dress down day to benefit The Sato Project. All participating employees must make a donation!

  • Organize a workplace/school competition: Ask your co-workers or fellow students to participate in a baking competition, talent show or photo contest and donate the entry fees to The Sato Project.

  • Start a monthly club: Organize a book or dinner club and collect a small donation each month.

  • Sell your forgotten treasures: Host a yard sale or sell your items on eBay, Craigslist or Facebook.