Heartworm is a terrible but easily preventable disease, and is widespread in Puerto Rico. Roughly 70% of the dogs The Sato Project rescues are heartworm positive, requiring expensive and lengthy medical treatment.

Our sweet Teddy, pictured here, died in August 2012. The treatment for her advanced heartworm proved too much for her little body.  Teddy will never have the home and family she deserved, or the chance to run free in the grass and play.

In memory of Teddy, we invite you to donate to our Teddy Heartworm Fund, to treat our heartworm positive rescues.

Heartworm is very easy to prevent.  A simple dose of one $10 tablet per month will prevent a dog from contracting this highly contagious disease, transmittable by a single mosquito bite.

Once a dog has been infected with the larvae via mosquito bite, the adult worms eventually take root in the heart and pulmonary arteries, which can lead to a painful death by congestive heart failure.

Sound horrific?  It is. Treatment is expensive and difficult. The Sato Project spends thousands of dollars on heartworm positive dogs every month, for medication and boarding fees. A dog receiving injections for heartworm must be cage rested for at least a month.  

Heartworm is a problem not only in Puerto Rico but in all 50 states. So please: If you have a dog we implore you to keep him/her on heartworm preventative year round – remember it only takes one mosquito bite to cause heartworm.

Please consider a donation to our Teddy Heartworm Fund to help us fight this widespread disease in Puerto Rico.

DONATING MEDICATION: We also welcome donations of preventive heartworm medication which you can acquire by purchasing an extra box when ordering the medication for your own dog. However, please note: Heartworm medication can only be purchased with a veterinarian's prescription. We do not condone purchasing drugs via discount pet medication websites, which sometimes deal in counterfeit (and thus ineffective) products. We cannot accept drugs without certification that they were purchased directly from a veterinarian's office. If you are able to acquire the drugs directly from a vet, you may send the box and proof of its purchase to our primary veterinarian in Puerto Rico: Bianca Aguirre-Hernandez, P.O. Box 1304, Caguas, Puerto Rico 00926.