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The Sato Project, Chrissy and her team are amazing fighters for the pups who can’t fight for themselves. I adopted 2 of their pups, Jack and Maggy. And they are a blessing to me. Thank you Sato Project, you are amazing.  - Justice L. , Adopter

This organization approaches dog rescue and adoption with the most compassionate, comprehensive, caring approach. They are wonderfully attentive to detail and thoroughly dedicated to their mission of helping the sato dogs of Puerto Rico. The entire process of rescuing, vetting, application reviews, fostering, transporting, adoption, and follow up support is done with warmth, careful consideration, attention to detail, and with tremendous respect for the strength and dignity of all involved parties - and always first and foremost for the satos. We recently adopted a dog through this organization and could not be more impressed by the people, the process, or the fantastic pups themselves. Highly recommended!
 - Leah C., Adopter

I don’t even know where to begin to say how wonderful this organization is. Words don’t do them justice…Everything about the organization is top notch. They run a very tight ship, all from a view to protecting these amazing dogs and getting them safely into The arms of their forever homes. Every volunteer I came into contact with was incredibly kind and well educated about The Sato Project, informative and easy to work with. They are absolutely the best. I will be forever grateful that they helped me turn my house back into a home and brought me back to smiling again. - Heather S., Adopter

TSP is a selfless source for rescues- they do the right thing by the animals and the people. - Pilar C., Adopter

The Sato Project is making a huge difference in the lives of dogs and cats in Puerto Rico. Not only are they actively rescuing stray dogs they are also educating the people and helping to provide very low cost spay/neuter and vaccinations for pets. I have fostered dogs for them and recently adopted a dog from them. All of the dogs they adopt out are fully vetted and you have a wonderful support system to help you with any training advice you may need while your new dog adjusts. - Melissa M., Adopter

An amazing team of super stars headed by Chrissy Beckles. This group knows each of their dogs individually, cares & loves them as they are sent on their Freedom Flight to their forever homes…TSP has not only embarked on rescue but addressing the root of the issue by organizing their spay & neutering programs. Their dedication is endless even when conditions seem hopeless. #satostrong - Heather S., Adopter and Volunteer

6 years ago we were lucky enough to adopt 2 SATO dogs from the SATO Project. This is a wonderful and loving organization and would do anything for the dogs and cats that they find. 1 year after we adopted our girls we fostered another girl and wound up adopting her. A year after that we fostered another girl and yup adopted her. We are so blessed to have found the SATO Project to make our family complete. They truly deserve any honor that is out there. The SATO Project is outstanding in every way. - Melanie M., Adopter

I’ve had nothing but wonderful experiences working with the Sato Project. I’ve fostered, volunteered, and adopted through The Sato Project. I’ve seen their hard work first hand. I highly recommend The Sato Project to anyone looking to volunteer or adopt! - Marissa T., Adopter and Volunteer