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March 2019: Satos fly to new lives every week in March, it is love at first sight for Bengie and his new dad, Hope gets treated at the Spayathon during Round 4, and Murphy transforms from a matted ball of dirty fur into a happy and loved, beautifully spoiled sato.

February 2019: Happy Valentine’s Day! Over 8,500 dogs and cats are spayed/neutered and vaccinated during Spayathon Round 3, six satos help bring home the Puppy Bowl XV win, The Sato Project is featured in a special segment and meet Sato Superhero, Elba.

January 2019: Just ahead of Winter Storm Harper, 80 dogs take their Freedom Flight as part of a special partnership, the TSP team prepares for Round 3 of The Spayathon for Puerto Rico, six satos are selected to compete in Puppy Bowl XV and hurricane survivor Roscoe finds his happy forever.

December 2018: Over 60 dogs take their Freedom Flights throughout the month - just in time be in their new homes for the holidays, some special seniors are still looking for their homes, a Spayathon success story and Cascade recovers from heartworm just in time for the holidays.

November 2018: Over 8,000 pets are spayed/neutered and vaccinated during Round 2 of The Spayathon for Puerto Rico, 30 lucky dogs take their Freedom Flight, and sato Abe reaches podcast fame to raise money for his sato cousins.

October 2018:
Cecilia is reunited with her family after being separated for 11 months, 65 dogs take their Freedom Flights, Gordon wins over the heart of a volunteer, and The Spayathon for Puerto Rico returns.

September 2018: Honoring the one year anniversary of Hurricane Maria while taking stock of our progress since the storm, including: 1500 dogs rescued, 200 reunited with their families,  almost 70,000 pounds of humanitarian and animal relief supplies distributed, and over 1,100 animals spayed/neutered.

August 2018: After facing multiple unforeseen obstacles, Mission Possible 9 is a mission accomplished and 160 dogs on two planes are evacuated off the island to safety just before hurricane season. The Sato Project is featured on NBC/Telemundo as part of the Clear the Shelters Initiative, and Alex Plaza shows up again as a sato guardian angel.

July 2018: Meet our Vetting Coordinator, Sarai, and learn more about our vetting process, a surprise Freedom Flight for 70 dogs, Fema and Gamora both survive, thrive, and find the perfect forever families. 

June 2018: Over 5,600 surgeries performed during Spayathon Round One, The Dogist raising awareness and support with #RescueRide, 64 dogs take their Freedom Flight and the mangey pups all find their forever families.

May 2018: Freedom Flight with 70 dogs on board faces emergency flight plan change, The Spayathon for Puerto Rico to begin, The Sato Social Raises over $125,000 to rescue more satos, Anais and Arnold find perfect homes.

April 2018: The Great Puerto Rico Dog Lift: Read our feature in The Village Voice, 100 dogs take their Freedom Flight under a rainbow, and Lorenzo and Braulio stay together.

March 2018: Miracle Murray featured on The Dodo, Another Freedom Flight completed for over 100 dogs, and Mollie-Mofongo's foster failure.

February 2018: Kaleb and Archer compete in Puppy Bowl XIV, 125 dogs fly to safety, and Tuka finds a home for Valentine’s Day while becoming a star.

December 2017: Heartwarming stories for the holidays, a new way to honor someone you love and support The Sato Project, and Cassius makes a comeback.

November 2017: No Dog Left Behind program is launched to reunite families in distress stay together with their beloved pets after Hurricane Maria, more hurricane survivors take their Freedom Flight, and Miracle gets her wheels.

Banner photos by The Dogist