We are Fighting for the Dogs of Puerto Rico!



On November 16th 2013 I am returning to the ring and will fight for the dogs of Puerto Rico. I was asked to be part of a huge fundraising Boxing event organized by Fighters4Life.

The Sato Project will be one of the beneficiaries of the proceeds of the night and I could not turn down the opportunity to bring greater awareness to our work and hopefully raise a lot of money!

This is my first fight in almost 3 years. I had not worked out in over a year. To tell you the truth training has been really, really hard. I had to make weight – which meant losing 12lbs.  Sparring has been tough.  This is a difficult path I am taking and I have been very lucky to have some amazing people by my side.  Michael Feigin is my ‘Guru’ and owner of The Fitness Guru in Brooklyn, NY.

Michael is an incredible motivator – which I really need at 6am in the morning whilst trying to get through one of his Boot Camps.  He is very tough, has remarkable knowledge but best of all he makes training fun.

My boxing coaches, Don and Martin are all business.  They work out of my second home, the World Famous Gleason’s Boxing Gym.

They have pushed me harder than I thought I could endure.  And they constantly remind me why I am doing this – for the dogs.  Bethany, Hope, Samlee, Gaia – all of them are with me. When I run I think of them… my legs are tired, my chest hurts – did Hope give up? When her hips were broken and her pelvis was crushed did she lie down and die? No that little puppy wobbled to her feet and she walked. Hope fought and she survived. So I think of Hope and I can run that extra mile.



When I’m sparring and taking heavy punches; my arms are so weary that they won’t stay up and my legs are like lead then I think of Samlee… Samlee laid on a step for three days with her eye hanging out. I think of her courage and her will to live. I am fighting 4 x 2 minute rounds. Samlee fought for three days. So I think of her and I can keep on punching. I fight for them. I take each and every one of them into the ring with me. They are my inspiration.


We have entered our busiest rescue period – November through to the end of January is unfortunately prime dumping season on the beach.  When the holidays begin and dogs are being driven to the beach and left – in droves. Our vet Bianca has been working hard to get as many of the dogs in our program ready for travel by the end of this month – we have 30 in Puerto Rico at this time. That way we can enter the busiest period of the year for The Sato Project with empty kennels.

I am thrilled to be joined in this mission by two great friends, Grace Baley and Anjali Lewis. They made the commitment to box as well; this will be Grace’s second fight and Anjali’s first!  Their support and cheerleading has been wonderful.  I am so proud to stand next to such fabulous, fearless females.  All three of us will box as Team Sato Project.

Our team is fighting to raise enough money so we have don’t have to worry about funding during our busiest time. So please share this post and donate!

My name is Chrissy Beckles and along with Grace Baley and Anjali Lewis we will fight for the dogs of Puerto Rico. I hope you will all be in our corner.