Mission possible 7

Biggest. Transport. Ever.

On August 27,  2016, after months of planning and perseverance, The Sato Project loaded 34 dogs on a plane to NYC to begin their new lives. Dubbed Mission Possible 7, this was the most dogs we have ever sent on a single flight. We couldn't have done it without our amazing volunteer teams in Puerto Rico and New York, Georgina Bloomberg who sponsored the flight, Animal Haven who took some of our lucky pups, and everyone who donated, shared, and cheered us on. Together we proved that nothing is impossible with enough dedication and passion.

We were fortunate to have some talented volunteer photographers along to document this incredible day. Thanks to Ralph Quinonez for photographing the effort that began in the middle of the night in Puerto Rico, and to Jamie Gardner, Rolan Shain, Nicholas Newbold, and Vinnie Arnone for taking photos at the plane's arrival in New Jersey. 

This slideshow shares some of the best shots of this amazing day.

Photo credits: Ralph Quinonez, Jamie Gardner, Rolan Shlain, Nicholas Newbold, and Vinnie Arnone