Hurricane Maria Anniversary Report.jpg

On September 20th, 2017 life changed for the people and animals of Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria completely devastated the island, creating a humanitarian and animal welfare crisis unlike anything we have ever encountered. The Sato Project has not only weathered this crisis, but adapted and expanded our operations to save thousands of lives. We are proud to share the following report with you highlighting The Sato Project’s major accomplishments since the storm. Thanks to our generous supporters, we have been able to dramatically increase our rescue and community outreach efforts in the wake of this disaster. Together, we have saved over 1,500 lives in one year, and prevented tens of thousands more from being born into a life of suffering.

The challenges in Puerto Rico are far from over, and there are still many desperate animals and pet owners who need our help. But we have emerged from the past year with an even greater sense of commitment and optimism in our ability to create lasting change for the animals of this island.

Please consider supporting our ongoing recovery efforts with a donation: Thank you for being in our corner as we continue to fight for the dogs of Puerto Rico!