The Sato Project is working to make Yabucoa, the home of Dead Dog Beach, the first dog-friendly Municipality in Puerto Rico.

Phase One: Started with a gate at one entrance to the beach. It took nine years of advocacy with the local municipality to get that gate. It went up on October 10th, 2015, and restricts access from 6pm to 6am on one of the two roads to the beach. Cameras are now in place on the opposite side of the beach with 24 hour monitoring by the local police. 

We recognize that rescuing dogs is only one piece of the solution to the crisis of having 300,000 stray dogs on a small island like Puerto Rico. In order to work towards a future where every dog is owned and humanely cared for, we need to tackle the problem of overpopulation.

Phase Two: In March of 2016, we were very excited to launch a new initiative to further our work with the community and the satos of Yabucoa, thorugh a municipal-wide spay/neuter/vaccine/microchip program. Preventing unwanted pregnancy is not enough. We want to put an end to the spread of disease as well. To help in this effort each dog attending the low-cost clinics and voucher program we are offering will also be given vaccines (rabies and DA2LPPV), and microchipped.


Our plan has three distinct parts:

Part One: A partnership with Humane Society International to provide low cost spay/neuter, vaccination, and microchipping to the owned dogs of Yabucoa. Through the sterilization of owned animals, we will begin to see reductions in abandoned animals. Vaccination will reduce the circulation of diseases that endanger the health and well being of the animal and human populations of the island. We have joined with Humane Society International to host 10 mobile spay/neuter, vaccination, and microchipping clinics throughout the remainder of 2016, starting in early March. Microchipping is a extremely underused technology in Puerto Rico and The Sato Project is proud to be offering this tool to the citizens of Yabucoa.

The Sato Project is underwriting 100% of the vaccine and microchipping costs for these clinics.

Part two: Supplementary low cost community spay/neuter, vaccination, and microchipping clinics each month based within veterinary clinics in Yabucoa. We are targeting low income and disenfranchised neighborhoods throughout Yabucoa and will be providing 30 vouchers per month for low cost spay/neuter/vaccine and microchipping. The majority of costs for these services will be underwritten by The Sato Project.

Part three: In addition to the efforts described above to target dogs owned by residents of Yabucoa, The Sato project will be launching a groundbreaking effort to address overpopulation and improve the health of the non-owned dog population in Yabucoa.  We will build relationships and work to support community members caring for groups of non-owned satos in the Yabucoa area, with the goal of improving the health and outcomes for at least 30 dogs per month. 100% of the cost of this program is being underwritten by The Sato Project.

Through these new initiatives, The Sato Project will impact an additional 900 dogs in the Yabucoa community in 2016 alone.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of any portion of our spay/neuter/vaccine and microchip efforts, please email