Help fight heartworm disease and receive a limited edition "Teddy" dog.

Close to 70% of the dogs The Sato Project rescues test positive for heartworm disease, requiring a lengthy, expensive, and sometimes painful and deadly treatment process. We started our Teddy Heartworm Fund in memory of one of our rescues whom we named Teddy for her adorable, teddy bear looks. Sadly, we were unable to save her from her advanced case of heartworm disease. 

With your contribution of $50 or more to the Teddy Heartworm Fund, you will receive this adorable Teddy dog look-alike, and more importantly you will help us treat others like her and prevent the spread of this deadly disease.

If you wish to contribute to the Teddy Heartworm Fund, but do not wish to receive the stuffed animal, please click here instead.

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