Sato Shelter Partners


The Sato Project partners with no-kill shelters in the New York region as well as having a select group of foster families in the tri-state area. Both are absolutely vital to our ongoing rescue efforts.  While the best case scenario is that an adoptive family is waiting for each and every dog when they leave Puerto Rico, that doesn't always happen. In order to make room for other rescued dogs in Puerto Rico, we partner with wonderful no-kill shelters who take our dogs when an adoptive family is not immediately available.

We are always looking to expand our shelter and sanctuary partnerships. Please email if you are interested in working with us.

Kent Animal Shelter, Long island

The Sato Project began a unique partnership with Kent Animal Shelter ( in Calverton, Long Island in the fall of 2014. Kent Animal Shelter has five kennels dedicated to Sato Project rescues. The Sato Project handles the adoptions and we encourage our fans and followers to volunteer at Kent, to help out and meet our amazing dogs! Kent Animal Shelter also works with The Sato Project to help on larger transports and rescue missions when necessary.

Pam Green, Executive Director of Kent Animal Shelter with sato pup, Robbie.

Pam Green, Executive Director of Kent Animal Shelter with sato pup, Robbie.

Animal Haven, New York City

The first Sato Project rescues arrived at Animal Haven in New York City ( in September 2014. A landmark animal rescue operation in New York City since 1967, Animal Haven is a wonderful partner. The Sato Project had always dreamed about having a shelter partner in the city where our dogs could be seen by a large audience in a first class shelter setting. Where better than SOHO for a pup to find their forever home? Who doesn’t want to be in the most exciting city in the world?