The Sato Project depends entirely on charitable donations to rescue, rehabilitate, and find loving homes for abused and abandoned dogs in Puerto Rico. Because of our extremely low overhead costs, be assured that every penny you give will go directly toward rescuing dogs.


There are several ways to give:

1- Donate now via Paypal. If you would like to donate a larger amount ($250 or more), please consider a check instead of Paypal, as they take a commission on all payments. Scroll down for our mailing address.

2- Make a monthly commitment to The Sato Project by using the drop-down menu below: 

Sponsorship Options

3. Send a check payable to 'The Sato Project' to:

The Sato Project

ATTN Chrissy Beckles

77 Front Street

Brooklyn, NY 11201

The Sato Project is a 501(c)3 charity, and gifts are fully tax-deductible. Our Tax ID # is: 45-3743534



AIRLINE MILES: We are grateful for your donated miles, which help us get to and from Puerto RIco on rescue missions. We can use miles on American Airlines, Continental, Jet Blue, Delta and US Air.  If you have a private jet that you would like to donate then you will be our new best friend, and we will name a dog (or ten) in your honor.

MEDICATIONS:  We always need medications to help us rehabilitate our rescued dogs. Please email us at and we will give you a list of our current needs.

WORKPLACE AND MATCHING GIVING: Will your employer match your gifts? If your company offers an Employee Matching Gifts program, you can easily make your hard-earned dollars go twice as far with a matching gift to The Sato Project. Some employers will do even more than match your gift, and some will match your contributions even if you’re retired. When you send us your donation, just mail your company's matching gift form with your contribution and we'll take it from there.

IN-KIND CONTRIBUTIONS AND VEHICLE DONATIONS: Are you thinking of selling or trading in a car, boat or RV? Why not donate it instead? As a charitable contribution, a vehicle that's no longer useful to you can make a big difference to us. Our process is simple, quick and convenient. Donate a car, RV, boat or trailer. It will be picked up and auctioned off, and the proceeds will come directly to The Sato Project.  we'll provide proper documentation for the tax deduction you'll receive for your donation.  Please call Vehicles for Charity toll free at (866) 628.2277 with questions or to initiate your gift to The Sato Project.

You can also donate other goods or services to The Sato Project to help us keep our costs down and allow us to focus our resources on rescuing dogs. Anything you can give that will directly help our cause will be appreciated. For more information about in-kind giving, please contact

GIFTS OF STOCK: Your gift of stock will become an investment in saving neglected animals, while providing you with financial benefits. If you own securities that have increased in value since they were purchased (at least 12 months ago), you may be able to completely avoid capital gains tax this year by contributing the securities instead of cash.  You'll receive a charitable income tax deduction for the full market value of the asset, and you'll avoid capital gains tax on the appreciation of the securities. To make a gift, please contact us for The Sato Project's current account information.  Email us at